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[IP] pizza -- again!

Curtis, please let us know what subsequent BGs were for her, esp. a.m.
....I've STILL not tried pizza, after 3 months pumping. (but then, I was a
child whose parents didn't her eat candy and who COMPLIED, without
complaining or sneaking and who still doesn't care for sugar as much as a
good, fresh spinach salad. Weird, huh?)

Subject: [IP] did pizza right, maybe

Just had Round table pizza.  Weighed the slices and used 0.28 as a carb
factor.  Then bolused 1/2 the whole bolus for each one as it was eaten.
Thinking that we would bolus the rest later (square waves haven't worked
yet).  That was at 6:30, now at 10:00 she is still at 128mg/dl, has been for
2 hrs.  Maybe she will rise later, but I am happy for now.

Of course, since this is diabetes you know it couldn't work out the way we
planned.  Glad we just bolused 1/2 rate.

Any wagers on if there will be a rise later do to the pizza?

Curtis Lomax

Susan Ager
Detroit Free Press
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Detroit MI 48226
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