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Re: [IP] Candy Witch

not to stir up any controversy here...as I know it can get going on this
'thread'.  ;-)

who will be the "candy witch" when summer is in college?  or an adult?
there are always going to be parties and gifts from unsuspecting colleagues
and college dorms where the kids all have junk.   I remember one room as
being the candy room at my college. the mom sent it all of the time.  the
girl hated it but gave it all away to US!

my best friend's mom never let her have candy while growing up and she
gorges like crazy when it is around now.  fortunately she has neither
diabetes nor obesity problems.  but...she keeps referring to the fact that
if her mom had allowed this stuff, she wouldn't feel 'deprived' as an adult.

I think that we can teach moderation with candy / junk food  excess when
they are young.

that is why I don't take geneva's and her brother's candy away.  they are
supposed to have a couple of pieces per day in their lunch or after dinner.
geneva will bolus for it just like she did when she was on shots.

geneva's mom

> Even before Summer was dx'd the Candy Witch came while she was sleeping
> took all her candy.  She had, of course, chosen a few favorites to hide
> the Candy Witch.  In return she was left a gift.  And Saundra, I agree
> you completely.

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