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[IP] infusion sites, gushers

Hi everyone--
 A site survived 3 FULL days!!yippee! Anyhow, I went
to change it this am, and was taking it out, and boy
did it ever start bleeding..more than usual, it was
gushing..that was an experience. Saw doc Monday
(regular family doc) and she gave me a creme..Elocon
which someone had suggested to try to see if it makes
my sites painless...not the numbing creme, the sites
don't hurt going in, but several hours later they
become very tender, she said maybe I have really
sensitive nerve endings. So, one gusher in 3 months,
and this creme is new...so far my site is not sticking
as well as it could, I have polyskin on top of it to
hopefully keep it in, then I'd like to use it as long
as I can...put in a full 300 units.
 Also, supposedly my uti is gone. I'm wondering if
that was ever the problem or not, my stomach still
isn't perfect and my bg are awful... 40 to 300
daily..it's almost like I'm on shots again:-( so it is
frustrating at my household, my mom isn't sure she
likes the pump, etc, etc. I like it but I know
something's not right, after 3 months there is NO
reason to lose control. I'm not under extra stress
(less than when school started!), not sick, not on my
period, etc, etc. So my body once again is what they
call weird. Changed basals yesterday with endo's
recommendation, not sure if i agree, but am giving
them a few days. Today doesn't count though..hehe,
changed the basals yesterday, 419 at 5am and came
down,so a real test will be a normal day like
tomorrow..if I ever get my normal days back! I have no
clue what changed them, it's been over a week, stopped
antibiotics and bg are swingy as they had been before.
CDE said maybe my body is responding to lows, causing
some of the highs, possibly, haven't had that in
months so there's just another factor. I doubt it
though b/c my old basals were fine on basal tests but
if anything else entered the equation, food or
whatever i'd go high...and my food boluses are the
same, i do not think they are the problem..1:15 as
they were three months ago. So for the past 3 months
something was "right" since my a1c was 6.8, but now
something has changed...not a big surprise, just very
 Today is the first meeting of our teen/preteen
support group! I'm excited, have received a phone call
today and yesterday about people rsvping last minute,
and i think mainly it's preteen, word did not get out
as expected in my city, but next meeting we will try
harder. It's a bowling party, and should be fun. I"ll
let y'all know how it goes.

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