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Re: [IP] Hypoglycemia in non diabetic, early sign of diabetes?

David -

Are you on a pump?  Your hypoglycemia exactly mirrors my own in the pre-pump
Somedays, having an insulin reactions, I could barely get downstairs to the
'fridge to get the Coke.  The only way I could walk, was to slide on my
rear-end and hang onto the furniture in the living room to make my way into
the kitchen, where I could only sit on the floor (read NOT ABLE to stand!)
and drink Coke out of one of the bottles that I kept on the floor at the
entrance to the kitchen, just for this very purpose!

David - I STRONGLY suggest you look into a pump!!  My significant other, an
engineer, suggested it over and over until I finally got desperate, saw Miss
America, and decided that those hypoglycemic episodes had to stop!  Now,
I've been on the pump for 8 months, and I feel lows!  My BG can get to 78!
I feel it!!!!  No more 30s!  Please e-mail me privately if you want more
info - I know where you're coming from!!!!

Jane email @ redacted

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