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[IP] Parenting

I've been watching the halloween thread with some interest.  Diabetes aside,
every parent is going to have different approaches to what kids should and
should not eat.  Some are going to be adamant that their kids do not eat any
sugar, some are going to insist on only organic veggies, some are not going
to allow soda, regular OR diet.  This is true of all parents of any child,
diabetes completely aside.

Whatever your approach to food is, I just still argue that the vital lesson
of food=insulin must be taught.  Some parents seem to think feeling sick
when high is enough of a turn off so kids won't sneak food.  It's not - I
for one don't feel ill or show ketones until I am well over 500-600.  So
sneaking for me was no big deal.  Everyone is entitled to their own food
"style" that they teach their children.  And its great if your child grows
up with those same great ideals you have.  But you have to anticipate
rebellion and prevent problems by always making it clear - "if you are
hungry/craving something, let us know and we'll see what we can do but
remember always always food = insulin, no matter what kind of food it is...
so if you are going to eat, you have to let someone know (when they are
young) so we can make sure you get enough insulin to cover it..."

Each to their own,

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