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Re: [IP] Halloween candy

As Curtis said, glucose is glucose is glucose. Whether it's carbs from those 
dreaded baked potatoes, or that impossible pizza, or a Hershey bar, they are 
just carbs that need to be "counteracted" with insulin. Granted, a diet of 
nothing but candy is not sensible for anyone. To splurge on an entire bag or 
"trick or treat" candy is not a smart move either. But we are talking about 
allowing our kids some normalcy in their already complicated lives. 

I think everyone needs to take a step back and remember it's not sugary foods 
that are the enemy with diabetes. It is the bodies' inability to produce the 
insulin. The lack of insulin is what diabetes is all about. Problems occur 
when the insulin/carbs/exercise/stress/phase of the moon don't match. (Part 
of that is a joke.) When carbs are ingested, then insulin needs to be 
injected. Unfortunately, with diabetes, it is very difficult to do this 
externally. Yes, the pump makes life sooooo much easier. Just a push of a 
button turns food back into our friend again ... any type of food. 

Remember, food is not the enemy. Diabetes can be controlled. There may be ups 
and downs, but with proper management, hopefully these will be minimized. 

Insulin works the same whether it is that (dare I say, okay I will) pink, 
cotton candy, or baked potato smothered in butter, or slice of bread. Know 
your body. Know your insulin requirements. Learn how your body reacts to 
exercise, stress, fats. Take control of your life and most of all be happy. 
Life is a gift that has been given for an unknown amount of time. Live each 
day to the fullest.

Just my opinion. (YOMV,  your opinion may vary.)
Mom to Rachel, 12
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