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Re: [IP] Halloween candy

I was raised not being allowed to have sweets, either, for different
reasons (my father was a dentist and my mother was a nurse, and they did
it for what they perceived as health reasons!)

And I can tell you, (as if you didn't already know!) that when EVERYONE
else has candy, cake and cookies in their lunches, and YOU have carrots,
then sugar becomes a glittering attraction.

When I was a teenager, and had money, I used to buy $1.00 worth of candy
(20 candy bars, at the time!), and consume it ALL at one sitting. And
thinking "I never want to become diabetic, because I just COULDN'T give
up the sugar!!!"

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!  :(

I finally overcame the sugar addiction by LETTING myself have all I
wanted. Before DM, that wasn't a problem, except for weight gain; after
DM, it becomes a case of do I really want to feel crappy for hours on
account of it????

My (non-diabetic) son, now 25, on the other hand, was raised with candy
-- and he did have his pigouts -- and now, as an adult, he can take it
or leave it -- it's just not all that attractive to him. 

If you have a diabetic child, yes, you do have to figure out HOW to
allow them to have candy -- for example, as a dessert after a balanced
meal -- but I don't think a blanket restriction is a good idea at all.

Been there, done that,

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