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Re: [IP] Hypoglycemia in non diabetic, early sign of diabetes?

Sam Skopp wrote:
> Very interesting... I joined the diabetic club at age 37. However for about
> 12 years prior to that, I used to get dizzy and "shaky" when I was very
> hungry. It was probably hypoglycemia, but the doctor's never thought it was
> anything to worry about.
> I was never thin though... wish I was. :-)

Now what kind of a credential-holding Type 1 ARE you, Sam??????

Everybody KNOWS that Type 1's are thin to emaciated when diagnosed!!! 

Actually, that's one of the reasons that docs often diagnose slow-onset
adult Type 1's as Type 2's and put them through the wringer of diet and

When I was diagnosed, I was eating the house down -- and NOT gaining
weight. But I ALSO wasn't thin. In fact, I lost weight AFTER going on
insulin, just cause I wasn't so hungry any more. 

Also, I, too had hypoglycemic attacks for about a year before I was

One of the things *I'M* looking forward to, for the sake of others, too
late for me, is a way to know at onset whether a young/middle-aged new
adult  diagnosis, even one who is NOT thin, is going to need insulin. 

I would MUCH rather have gone on insulin directly than messing around
with diet and sulfonylureas. I spent FAR too much time (total, about a
year and a half) in misery, and almost lost my job because of it. 

I did come out on the bright side, but I would really rather have not
experienced that part of my life! 

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