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Re: [IP] Halloween candy

>If you like candy, indulge behind his back so he
>doesn't feel he is missing something.  Do this for him, not for you.
>Encouraging candy is not being a responsible parent of a diabetic

This  has a partial truth to it.   I was going to send privately but it can 
help someone else i hope.

Seeing this from my point of view  being a child whose father tried to do 
things like eat sweets, cokes, and everything behind my back thinking that 
it was a good thing.
(this is my opinion)  But Kids are SMART if you do something like 
this  they will find out.  My advice is do not Hide, Sneak, or try to 
deceive kids   it will only turn around and bite you later.   I would not 
Encourage Candy BUT I would rather Encourage the responsibility for what 
they do   Teach them limits  ..   The most Responsible parents WON'T be 
with the kids 24 - 7 trust me  I was one of those kids.   Don't hide them 
from things that they WILL have to deal with later teach them instead ways 
for them to handle it   weather it is encouraging them not to eat it, 
eating it in moderation, or managing it when possible.

This is my own opinion.   I know how parents want to keep their children 
safe, But remember kids are more receptive to those who are honest, they 
may be mad at them but it will be better in the long run.

my 2 Cents.

Brian Carter
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