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[IP] denying candy

A couple of things I have observed about my diabetic husband--when he
was diagnosed over 25 years ago it was still in the time of "no sugar",
so of course he was denied Halloween candy, etc. This resulted in:
-sneaking candy, cake, and other sugar loaded treats
-after he was an adult he refused to see a doctor for over 7 years
because he didn't like getting lectured/chewed out about eating "bad"
-now that he is finally allowed to eat sugary treats (in moderation of
course), he takes great delight in eating these things in front of
parents/grandparents just to upset them.
In short, I don't think completely denying any child (diabetic or not)
is a good idea as it will probably backfire later. This doesn't mean I
would let them eat all they want either! :)
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