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RE: [IP] Hypoglycemia in non diabetic, early sign of diabetes?

At 05:45 PM 10/1/1999  David L. Dougherty wrote:
>This was my history. In my teens I was rail thin. Several times each week I
>would have to quickly eat sugar because my sugar would drop to the point I
>would be ready to faint. I figured "at least I'll never be diabetic".
>Suffered with low blood sugar episodes until my late 30s when they suddenly
>stopped. I thought I was cured. At 40 I was diagnosed with diabetes. The
>doctor told me that it is very common for someone with a history of
>hypoglycemia to convert to diabetes. It doesn't happen to everyone, but it
>is something to keep an eye on.

Very interesting... I joined the diabetic club at age 37. However for about 
12 years prior to that, I used to get dizzy and "shaky" when I was very 
hungry. It was probably hypoglycemia, but the doctor's never thought it was 
anything to worry about.

I was never thin though... wish I was. :-)


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