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Re: [IP] I'm bummed

In a message dated 9/30/99 5:39:26 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Right now, I'm injecting 18 units of N plus another 12 of Humulin (H) at
 breakfast.  Another 12 of H at lunch.  18-20 of H at dinner and 18 of N
 before bedtime.  BG's are well within normal ranges (80-175, averaging
 125) and I've had NO Hypo or Hyper episodes at all (knock wood).
 I assume that I should have a basal rate of 36 units over a 24 hour
 period (.7 per half hour), with corresponding bolus (normal or sq wave)
 for meals.   >>
I'd be bummed too.  I've been pumping 3 years.  When I started the CDE took 
my L (long acting like your N) and cut it by 20% when converting it to V 
(velosulin, or BR). We then took that total and divided it by 24 to get the 
first basal rate.  Then I played with it from there to fine tune. The meal 
boluses stayed the same as they were. I'd been counting carbs and injecting R 
(H not out at that time) at each meal.  The morning I started I only took my 
R with breakfast and didn't take any L. You might want to decrease it by more 
than the 20% because H seems to be stronger acting than BR.  I'm sure each 
trainer has their own start-up techniques, but this worked well for me.

Let us know how you're doing.

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