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Re: [IP] How long did it take to get on the pump?

My endo suggested the pump for me last spring...& I read about it & did
other things over the summer, as opposed to taking action.  (Lost the best
three months a teacher can get for adjusting to a major transition in life!)
I saw him August 13th & said "Let's do it"- got my package of stuff in the
mail less than a week later, & was in the hospital for training on the 23rd!
He had me stay over two nights, so that he could keep a close eye on how it
worked for me at the outset & so that I had immediate access to medical
attention if needed...love that man!!  Also, I loved that hospital...they
let me do my own testing, asked ME about what kinds of things work best for
me as snacks when low, treated me like an above-average-intelligence human
being with a reasonable working knowledge of her own medical situation!  It
did a LOT to restore my faith in the medical community, having just come off
of a previous "nightmare hospital experience" a few months before!

I have a friend who is close to getting her pump...she started working on it
in April when I shared the info. packets that I had gotten.  She went
through a pump clinic, & had to do saline trials with both brands this
summer.  I'm not sure I understand why in some cases it seems to take
forever, & in others you get an immediate response...I'm trying to figure
out if it might have more to do with the doctor, the patient, or the
position of the planets at a particular time of day.  I suppose that there
are reasons, they are just not mine to know right now.  Either way, for
those put in a position of waiting...please know that, frustrating as the
wait is, the final result will be so very worth it, if the testimonials on
this list are any indication!!  Best of luck to you!

A-pumpin' & a-grinnin',

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