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Re: [IP] Type 2 versus type 1

My mom is Type II (2) and was never given the proper education from her
medical doctor because she was told type II was not as "bad" as type I.
Well..my mom is going through alot of health complications as a result of
the neglegence of her doctor because he never took her diabetes seriously
and since she thought it was not "bad" because that is what she was told
and she was never told to take her BGs.She was handed a sheet of paper but
no one ever took the time to tell her how bad things could get til things
got so bad she ended up in the hospital looking at facing death and they
told her to come back every 2 months or so and they would check them ..she
has suffered. NOW she is on insulin 2 shots a day 70/30 (I can't remember)
and because she is not on MDI or pump she still is suffering. She goes high
in the afternoons and the doc still will not put her on R insulin. He says
she doesn't need R. She has lost her vision in her one eye. suffered a
heart attack and had a 3 by pass surgery which was not so successful
because her arteries/vessels were so damaged by diabetes that they were too
brittle ( they looked like corkscrews) for the surgeon to complete his
surgery so she is on borrowed time (Thank G-d she is still with us) and now
her other eye is bleeding but one eye doc says to do laser and another
specialist at the University if Iowa says not to do anything so she can
barely see anymore..she cannot drive anymore and she has awful nerve pain
in her feet so she cannot walk far. has any doctor told her about neruontin
or taken this seriously? NO! Yes she has changed doctors but still the
attitude is type ii is not so bad!
I lost a family relative to diabetes 5 yrs ago because she was type II and
older as well and she never owned a BG machine.
I don't believe that type II is taken seriously enough. I know many type
I's who have very few problems. I am type I have been since I was 13 and
have thankfully no eye problems yet nor kidney problem. I am 50. My
paternal gradnfather had Type I and was one of the first to use insulin way
back when. He lost a kidney but other wise lived quite healthy to an old age.
My mom has been having the feelings she isn't going to be here long (I was
told this last night) and I believe she knows things because she has her
instinct that is telling her something is wrong. I have been in tears and I
am very upset that many medical professionals are not taking type II as
serious as they should. It takes lives..diabetes is a silent killer but I
am seeing my mom taken from me little by little. It isn;t the patients
fault all the time!
how are you suppose to know what to do if you are told you have type ii
when the doctors and nurse treat it as if it isn't anything to worry about?
Most of the info my mom has gotten is because my sister, dad and I have
been helping her.  2 1/2 yrs ago when she was in the hosp before her heart
surgery she was spilling protien and the kidney specialist came in to talk
to mom about the possibility of dialysis in the future.I got ahold of him
and asked him if mom should ne on insulin..he almost fainted that she was
never told about insulin nor was on it.  he ordered it..He also said that
mom had been a diabetic for many many many years and he thinks possibly
since she was young and more than likely had gestational diabetes. Well
that means for 48 years she was neglected as a diabetic. And this makes me
Why aren't the medical people taking Type II as serious as Type I? I want
to see a cure for Type II. It has taken too many people who I loved from my
Don't always blame the person/patient..they don't know how to take care of
themselevs because they are not TOLD HOW to take care of themselves and are
treated as if it isn't anything to worry about.  Ask them if thier doctor
ever told them to test more often. Ask them if thier doc told them that
many type II's will end up on insulin. BTW type IIs can throw ketones..my
mom has done so often.

Off my soap...
Type I since age 13 (probably earlier)
aol ID riverbijou
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