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Re: [IP] Diabetic Eye Changes.

Hi I have been diabetic for 18 yrs also and I have been on the pump for 10 
yrs my first trail pump was as about as big as a long Walkman.. then I got 
the Eugly had that for 7 yrs then I got the MM 506 been on that for 3 yrs I 
got the MM507 about 1 yr ago and have not used it yet .. first it was because 
we were making sure the insurance would accept it .. now it is just that I 
need a week of no work to make sure I can do it correctly   I have to say I 
have some fear behind it that I will mess up in the transition.. anyway I 
have been found to have some diabetes retanopathy also .. and it was scary at 
first but for right now no laser .. has happened yet but I do go every three 
month to the eye doctor one regular doc and one retina specialist .. to make 
sure all is well .. I was also told that I after 15 to 20 yrs diabetes does 
show up on the eye ..

 I was also told that from my eye doctor that she has met diabetics in 
perfect control and had problems with their eyes as well as diabetic not in 
perfect control and no problems and she said research is showing now that it 
is depending on the person .. not that you should not take care of yourself 
just that it is not always related to that .

 Now is this true I am not sure .. my A1C was just 9.5 witch is an 
improvement for me since I was 11.5 .. I know I need to get this down but 
understand the feeling of finding it on you eye .. thanks for helping me see 
I am not alone Julie
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