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[IP] How long did you own your pump before you were cleared use it?

Getting my pump was less than half the battle. I've had my 507C over four 
months (since May 15), and I still have not been cleared to use it. I don't
even have a date for my saline trial.

My medical team (endocrinologist, CDE, etc.) have explained their reasons;
while I understand their position and am following medical advice, I am
angry that I own a very expensive and currently useless piece of hardware.
(It's even too light to use as a paperweight!) I wish my team had found my
particular roadblock before I bought the pump.

Has anyone else had similar delays?

What kind of pre-purchase communication or screening did you have with your
medical teams?

Does anyone (CDE, MD, Endo, pumper, etc.) have a pre-purchase checklist they
could share that I could in turn share with my medical team?


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