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[IP] Diabetic Eye Changes.

My name is Richard.  I am 29 and have been a diabetic since I was 11.  I
have been on the MM507c since Feb. of this year.  What prompted me to
get on the pump was changes in my eyes.  My eye doctor told me that I
have the very slightest sign of diabetic retinapathy (sorry I am a
terrible speller).  My A1c prepump were all around the 5.5-6.5 range and
post pump the last one was 5.7.  The strange thing is my eye doctor who
specializes in diabetic problems told me that 80-90% of diabetics who
have had diabetes for over 15 years will show the signs of change in
their eyes. Also when I mean eye changes I mean a slight bleeding or
leaking of the blood vessels in the eyes.

Since the I started the pump I had one round of laser eye treatment.
And since then no changes in my eyes for the last 8 to nine months.  If
fact my doctor thinks the condition might have improved a little.  The
laser treatment is just a very proactive way to make sure that the
bleeding in the blood vessels does not progress.

My doctor seems to think that I am in the very early stages and if I
keep on top of my control and make sure that I have quarterly eye
examines that my eyes should be okay.  I will most likely need more
laser treatment but with the pump this really could be minimized.

Is anyone else going through the same thing.  Is what my doctor saying
correct that 80-90% of all diabetics after 15 years will show signs of
diabetic eyes changes. Also if you have had eye problems pre pump and
then started the pump have your eyes improved.  I have no physical
symptoms so I can't tell if my eyes are better or worse until I visit
with my retinalogist (spelling???).

Thanks for the input.


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