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[IP] Comments on my first day on the mailing list

First, I'm a weenie getting the digest so I haven't figured out how to reply to each message individually -- yet.
Second:  Chuck, yer a man after my own heart.  I didn't have any trouble getting the pump, but finding a provider who had experience turned into a nightmare.  Once I finally got approval to see him (HMO-ville), he referred me for education and training.  I couldn't get approval for that.  Military figures they can do the education, even though they know absolutely nothing about pump therapy.  So in coordination with my regular doc, an internist, I've arranged with the minimed folks to come down and plug me up in a couple weeks.  I did threaten to do it myself, as you've done, but the minimed folks have been quite helpful up to this point, and I figured I could wait a couple weeks.  If you're using the minimed pump, it's preset to a max bolus of 10 units.  You can change this through the Setup II, Maximum menu.
My early concerns about pump use is skin care.  I fully admit, my clinical practice of MDI wouldn't pass muster.  I reuse lancets and syringes, shoot through my clothes, and haven't touched alcohol pads in years.  The whole skin-prep thing sounds tedious and "too" sterile.  My wife is a health professional and patiently explained that one pinprick doesn't risk infection as much as having a tube attached.  Just wonder what everyone else is doing....