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Re: [IP] (Fwd) hospitals


Excuse my sarcasm, but who would the anesthesiologist written the letter
too if you had died because of here error????  It really saddens me to read
stuff like this.  It seems to happening more and more.  I guess bottom
line, even if you grab someone off the street, don't go to the hospital
alone and have that power of attorney with you.  I personally think we
should all get Honorary Medical degrees.  Sure seems like from what I read
on this list that we know more than the docs.


Michael wrote:

> From:          "Adela Gain" <email @ redacted>
> It reminds me of my cataract surgery last year, I specifically told
> the nurse, anyone and everyone, DON"T TOUCH MY INSULIN......Well the
> head nurse comes in AFTER I'm half unconsious and says....her blood
> sugar is too high, give her 5 units of R.  I couldn't speak and was
> hysterical inside but they gave it to me anyhow....Of course I figured
> I'd be dead when it was over as my BS was only 225 and it was after
> I'd eaten so I knew where I wanted to be.  To make a long story short,
> when I came out of it I was low and said to get me some juice right
> away, and the nurse said, oh but you had high blood sugar.....Needless
> to say I was dealing with a bunch of idiots.  I wrote one heck of a
> letter to the anesthesiologist as I found it was her that dictated the
> extra insulin.......Always talk to the anesthesiologist....She did
> write me a letter of apology two months later....Yipeeeeee

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