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[IP] (Fwd) hospitals

From:          "Adela Gain" <email @ redacted>
It reminds me of my cataract surgery last year, I specifically told
the nurse, anyone and everyone, DON"T TOUCH MY INSULIN......Well the
head nurse comes in AFTER I'm half unconsious and says....her blood
sugar is too high, give her 5 units of R.  I couldn't speak and was
hysterical inside but they gave it to me anyhow....Of course I figured
I'd be dead when it was over as my BS was only 225 and it was after
I'd eaten so I knew where I wanted to be.  To make a long story short,
when I came out of it I was low and said to get me some juice right
away, and the nurse said, oh but you had high blood sugar.....Needless
to say I was dealing with a bunch of idiots.  I wrote one heck of a
letter to the anesthesiologist as I found it was her that dictated the
extra insulin.......Always talk to the anesthesiologist....She did
write me a letter of apology two months later....Yipeeeeee


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