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[IP] Chuck's Questions

Chuck.K wrote:
> I based my basal on 66% of what I was injecting normally, but have been
> bolusing at the same levels as before.  Is it just me or does the meter
> not bolus over 10 units?  If I need more then that, I suppose I have to
> do 2, right?  Or do a dual bolus?

If you have a MiniMed 507c, the maximum bolus is factory set, but you
can change it -- it's in the Set-up II section, 3rd screen. You can also
change maximum boluses and insulin concentrations.
> Been checking BG's like every hour and so far they are high, but not
> terribly so.  Into the high 100's to very low 200's (but that's not
> abnormal for me right after eating).  I assume I'll have to kick up the
> basal rate, but won't do so until AFTER the meeting with the factory rep
> next Thursday.

Do you have a copy of Pumping Insulin? It gives very detailed
instructions on how to set basals. You DON'T set them based on
post-prandial readings, because those reflect food consumption, not
basal needs.
> A couple of questions have arisen.  The first is, do most of you have
> your pumps set up so they can take a full 300 unit 'load', or do you set
> them so they can only take 150 (but the reservoir fits completely
> inside). 

I have mine set for a 150 unit fill, because I only use 20 - 25 units of
insulin on an average day, so that amount of insulin lasts me about 6
days. I change sets every 3 days, so this works very well with the
2-set/1 tubing system!

As far as whether it's cleaner or not -- well, since the insulin is
entirely within the reservoir, I think it makes no difference at all.
But if I loaded the reservoir with 300 units, that would be 12 days
worth, and I think that's too long for it to sit in the pump!

>The second
> is, HOW do you hide the tubing where it exits your clothing?  I am using
> the pump in the case on the belt thing, and the tubing, while not real
> noticeable, still sticks out.

Well, it's gonna stick out, at least a little. Them's the breaks. I
figure, if anyone asks, it's a DM education moment. Once I had someone
ask, and it turned out he has a diabetic child, diagnosed just last

 > Oh yeah, what do you do with all the
> excess tubing?  I ordered the short ones (24") but they seem really
> long.

Just stuff it down my pants. Or skirt. I'm supposing you're not wearing

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