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[IP] trick or treat

I wanted to mention that the first time my son went trick or treating with 
his pump (4 years ago), he went very LOW.  He RAN from house to house all 
over the neighborhood (we're in south Florida so it's still hot here during 
Halloween).  I tried to get him to eat fast acting candies but all he wanted 
was chocolate (he was 7 and was loving having all that  chocolate after 
having diabetes 6 years and never indulging in so much). He was not bolusing 
for it either.  We ultimately had to have someone drive him home 1-1/2 blocks 
from our house as he could NOT get off the grass - a huge sack  full of candy 
and he was so low he refused to eat the sweet tarts....finally got some juice 
in him and he was ok.  Just a warning, carry with you what really works for 
your kids if they get low and difficult.    I never would have thought this 
could happen.

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