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Re: [IP] ???Glucose in Semen???

Laura, I don't think there is much glucose in semen to be concerned.  I'd
be surprised if you could ever get a BG meter reading above LOW.  And
besides, unless the woman was a professional lady of the night or otherwise
into some bizarre kinky equine activities, the amount of glucose
(concetration times volume) would be quite trivial.   So, not to worry
about adding any additional chapters to the birds and bees book with your
daughter.   Indeed, with  8, 12, and 15 yo daughters of my own, I can
assure you that you will have plenty enough worries about the birds and
bees, without any additional chapters :-)
	More likely that the woman was high because of all the previous
nights excitement?  stress?  exercise? hormones?  prior dinnner?

>I'm sorry if this offends anyone but...
>A woman who has a 22 year old diabetic daughter, just told me that her
>daughter was high some mornings and they couldn't figure out why.  They
>attributed it to the daughter performing oral sex the nights before she was
>high!  I was so flabbergasted and embarrassed I didn't even think to ask
>what her endo said. Is this true?  Is semen high in glucose.  I feel like a
>fool for even asking but I never even would have thought of this.  My
>daughter was only dxed 9 months ago and this is all very new to us but this
>concept seems ridiculous.
>My daughter is only 6, but is this another chapter I have to discuss when I
>discuss the "birds and the bees" with her????  Please advise.
>A very embarrassed
>Laura Lentini-Iaffaldano

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