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[IP] Exercise gymnastics and insulin

Lauren and I are still struggling with BGs and exercise and competitions. 
Unfortunately, it seems that Michael is right.  The only way to get on top
of it is to test very frequently.

Last week, Lauren was at a Cheerleading Competition in San Antonio.  She
was competing at 3:30 and hadn't been tested since mid-AM.  She kept
insisting that she was low and didn't need to be tested... I believed her. 
So 20 minutes before competing, I finally insisted on testing her, mostly
cause I didn't want her to be low while competing.  SHE WAS 307!  Did she
confuse her nerves with the feelings of a Low?  Of course we bolused to get
her down, but it was not going to get her down in time for the
competition... As things would have it, Lauren leaned up against a wall,
and her hip infusion and the NO DELIVERY alert came on!  So out came the
shots, etc.  The next day with the aid of more frequent testing, about
every two hours or less, she ranged between 90 and 150 all day.  Such a
burden for a kid!   but she felt alot better.

Today, she went to practice stunting.  One hour before she was 114, she ate
and went to practice. after 1.5 hours of exercise she was 427!  ARGHHHH!  I
believe that she bolused for her meal (without regard to the upcoming
exercise)  she bottomed out and rebounded.  Normally, after exercise we
have to temporarily lower her basal for a couple of hours.

Diane Massey

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