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From: "judy light yaillen" <email @ redacted>
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Subject: judy light yaillen <email @ redacted>
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judy light yaillen <email @ redacted> 
I am a 44 yr. old who has been on the pump for just about 3 years and 
LOVE IT!!  I've been diabetic since 1981 and still marvel at the freedom 
and flexibility that I have again.  No more visits from the paramedics at 3 
a.m. or having my children force feed me o.j.  The only drawback, so far, 
is that I've gotten too lazy about exercising, knowing I can "control" my 
numbers with the push of a button.  I've been using Humalog for quite a  
while now and can't imagine going back to anything else.  I'm in 
Baltimore, MD and try to attend our local pump support group when I