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Re: [IP] Remembering basal rates

I'm planning to develop a chart for myself to help keep track of all kinds
of stuff: eye exams, cholesterol, HbA1c, dentist, weight goals, etc. I will
add basals to my chart -- that's a very good idea.

If someone wants a handy wallet health record card, I got one from the
Diabetes Coalition of California (in collaboration with ADA California
Affiliate, and JDF). It's a little trifold, with a phone number of
1-800-Diabetes -- not sure who's phone that is.

The card gave me some good ideas, but I need more space and the card only
holds 4 sets of results. I want a chart/computer file that I can update and
print out and personalize to me, naturally.

>I have 7 basal rates, which I occasionally have to tweak a tiny bit for
>things like stress, hormones, etc.  As I'm also perimenopausal, my brain
>is mush and I can't remember my own name sometimes.  I write the times
>and basal rates on the back of one of my business cards and kepp it in
>my MM leather pump case.  Then if I get zapped by something
>electrical/magnetical/ etc. I will at least no where to begin again.
>Vicki McDonald

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