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Re: [IP] gymnastics, exercise and the pump

> Are there any current or former gymnasts out there on the pump? My =
> daughter Jenna, 9 years old, does competitive gymnastics.  Her sugars =
> are much better with the pump than they were on MDI, but it's still hard =
> to predict when her sugars will go up (adrenaline response?) and when =
> they will go down (using up glucose).  I'm just looking for anyone who's =
> been there/done that with exercise to figure out how much to eat, how =
> much to bolus to try to get this smoothed out

Lily plays class 1 soccer. Things are more stable now, but she sometimes 
would have erratic high bg's before a tournament match - very 
unpredictable. On the other hand, her use of glucose seems to be very 
predictable. It took a while to figure it out, and if varies according to 
activity level. I can only recommend that you keep accurate records 
during workout and competition. Lily checks just before a game or 
practice, adjusts her bg's and takes off her pump. She checks again at 
halftime, usually about 40 - 50 minutes and adjusts again. Once and a 
while she will be too high or low then, but this is unusual now. If 
things are particularly hard (i.e. numerous back to back games over 
several days) she will eat a small amount of carbo beforehand, 10 - 15 
grams-- but this will depend on your child and her particular needs. Many 
of these techniques work for Lily's other activities, such as swim team, 
skindiving, ocean swimming, etc...

This isn't much, but hopefully it will help. The high bg's went away as 
Lily learned to cope with the stress. We found it helped to be on site 
the night before competition, to rise early and fix any high bg as soon 
as possible to be ready for competition. 8:00 am games are the worst.


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