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[IP] MM Service vs. Diesetronic

>Hi Bonnie-
>Well I'm sorry to report that I went round and round with Diesetronic
>service reps earlier this year and wrote them a long -er - 'interesting'
>letter about exactly what I thought of their service (or lack of it).
>I was particularly disappointed that
>Diesetronic didn't even send a response to my letter.  I thought it was
>really poor form on their part.

I too must report that the corporate personnel at Disetronic have not made a
positive impression on this user, though the hardware they sell definitely

I have used my pump for one year and have experienced no flubs, no glitches,
not hardware nor software failures, no batteries declining early, no
occlusions, no no-delivery messages. No-No.  (My last A1c=4.9%.  No
unmanageable hypos so far either.)

I did ask them about peripheral issues, like choices in site preps, that
they were evasive about.  Retrospectively, I had no reason ever to have to
have called the company.

My experience in obtaining supplies has been nearly seamless.  I have dealt
exclusively with outside-factory sources.

I bought my pump from Medical Pumps and Supplies, Johnson City, Texas.
Pumper-Owner Gary Gilstrap provides all the forms needed to prove necessity
to the insurance company (I received my pump 3 weeks after my Endo
prescribed it), mails supplies the same day they are ordered (at factory
prices) and bills the insurance company directly.  Gilstrap has been pumping
MM and Disetronic since the early 80s and is an authority and author about
pumping.  He also is a trained pharmacist and owner of a winery.

If you are interested in Disetronic pumps, I think you will find in
Gilstrap's company the service you find lacking in dealings with the
factory.  His toll free # is 800-584-4681.  His regular # is 830-868-0383.

email @ redacted

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