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Re: [IP] the 3 year old would-be pumper and Ruth

> I would rather deal with the
> pump problems.  I can't imagine how difficult it would be to have to give
> shots in anticipation of what a 3 year old would want to eat on a given
> day.

Amen Dianne!!!  I've been there and done that with a 3 year old.  And
Kayla has always been a good eater, so we were usually successful with
the food guessing game.  But for some parents, it is indeed a
nightmare.  The real problem for us was trying to measure activity level
in such a young child.  No two days were the same.  And toddlers go
ninety-to-nothing during spurts and then crash.  Only One knows from day
to day how it's going to be...and He's not tossing down any clues.

The pump has really eliminated the guessing game and restored sanity and
freedom to Kayla and the rest of the family.  We just go with the flow
and bolus accordingly.  She's so excited about being able to actually
EAT THE CANDY she gets on Halloween.  Such little pleasures that were
impossible on MDI...


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