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[IP] the 3 year old would-be pumper and Ruth

I read with great interest the "passages" that Ruth has gone thru while
dealing with diabetes.  They sound like what a person is likely to go thru.
 Diabetes is tough, even for a non-diabetic parent.

But I would like to make an observation for the 3 year old boy and all of
the children that are diabetics now.  Thankfully, their future is not the
same as Ruth's past (nor is Ruth's future the same as Ruth's past).  At
best, in 10 years there may be a cure and at the least, diabetics will not
be saddled with too many fingers pricks and the same concerns about erratic
blood.  I am looking forward to the time (in the not too distant future, I
hope) that Lauren will simply look at her continuous BG monitor and be able
to make adjustments with her pump.  No more constant finger pricks for
close control.  Perhaps another infusion, but we'll take that.

But with easier close control will come, hopefully, less complications and
better health.  Our job now is to be sure to give our children the best
opportunity to keep their bodies as healthy as possible until it gets
easier.  I can't think of a better potential candidate for trying the pump
than a 3 year old with conscientious and diligent parents.  There will be
problems, but there were problems on MDI.  I would rather deal with the
pump problems.  I can't imagine how difficult it would be to have to give
shots in anticipation of what a 3 year old would want to eat on a given

Diane Massey

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