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Re: [IP] New Pumper - HELP!!!!!


Sometimes you just have to do what you feel is right for your child. Yesterday
our pedi-endo told us to lower Megan's basals at night-for some reason he
thought she was going low/ So I did and checked her every 2 hours. She was
122,268,240 and woke up with a 240! Guess what -he was wrong and he will be
the first one to admit it! lSo this morning I changed them back to what they
were and made them a tad higher at the time I think she needs it and we will
try again tonight!!!!

Megan has 3 basal rates and they seem to be working well but THEY NEED FINE
TUNING every now and then-things change, they grow-they eat more and you have
to go with what your observations are too. Call your doc and tell him that
it's just not working. Your daughter should have a slightly higher basal rate
during the day and a smaller one when she is sleeping for obvious reasons of
less energy usage by the cells in her body.

TRY NOT TO GET TOO FRUSTRATED!!! I know it's hard but know that it does get
easier. Megan had been running high after breakfast now and we have had to
adjust her insluin to carb ratio-she's growing-thank goodness. The readings
will always be changing because she is a child and she will get bigger!~!!!
HANG IN THERE!! We're behind you 100%!! WE've been there, done that and been
there again and

Take care!!

Judy C.

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