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Re: [IP] "Spare pump" was: Lost Basal Rates


That's a splendid idea.  Could we pump memory along with our insulin too?

Bob Burnett wrote:

> Raleigh wrote:
> >Do you loose your basal rates with lost of battery power?
> >I have been using the Disetronic H-TRONplus for 8 months and this model
> >pump will
> >retain your basal rates with both batteries removed. You do lose the
> >time , recent
> >memory of bolus rates and insulin remaining in cartridge. The company
> I like the fact that the pump maintains the basal settings, even after the
> batteries have been removed. I use this feature for a number of things.
> I "rotate" my pumps every couple months. I take my spare pump, make it my
> "main" pump, use it for another couple months, then rotate again. Prior to
> switching the pumps, I make sure the basal rate settings are the same. I
> switch the batteries, set the clock in the new pump, then I'm ready to go.
> If I have a question about my basal settings, I can always check the spare
> pump. (I also keep my rates written down, as per my training for my first
> pump several years ago). If I do this switch when I'm putting a new
> cartridge in my pump, the entire process takes less than two minutes.
> I also use my "spare" pump for experiments with basal changes. I set the
> changes in the spare pump, try it for several days. If I don't like the
> results of the new basal settings, I switch back to my other pump which
> still has the "normal" set of basal rates programmed. This whole switch
> over (new cartridge, change batteries, set clock, check rates) takes less
> than 5 minutes, can be done "on the fly" if necessary.
> Now, if only my pumps would remember why I dashed out to the grocery store,
> where I left my sneakers, etc., things would be fine ... <vbg>
> Bob Burnett
> mailto:email @ redacted