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Re: [IP] Flu shot

Yes, b/c flu shots give you a little bit of a virus to make you immune to the real thing.  The few days you have the virus can raise your bgs (as if you had a cold or light flu).  Time span varies.  Some people report one day, others 2 or 3 (kind of like a cold).  Mine have tended to vary too.

Debbie and Tim Prosinski wrote:

> Just saw my endo yesterday - he gave me a flu shot.  Question - has anyone ever experienced high bg readings after a flu shot?  I was over 400 late last night, and still over 200 when I woke up this morning (even though I bolused a usually appropriate amount to bring the 400 down).  Just to be safe, I changed my site this morning in case that was the problem, but I was just wondering if anyone else had ever had highs after their flu shot.  Thanks!
> Debbie

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