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[IP] "Spare pump" was: Lost Basal Rates

Raleigh wrote:

>Do you loose your basal rates with lost of battery power?
>I have been using the Disetronic H-TRONplus for 8 months and this model
>pump will
>retain your basal rates with both batteries removed. You do lose the
>time , recent
>memory of bolus rates and insulin remaining in cartridge. The company

I like the fact that the pump maintains the basal settings, even after the
batteries have been removed. I use this feature for a number of things.

I "rotate" my pumps every couple months. I take my spare pump, make it my
"main" pump, use it for another couple months, then rotate again. Prior to
switching the pumps, I make sure the basal rate settings are the same. I
switch the batteries, set the clock in the new pump, then I'm ready to go.
If I have a question about my basal settings, I can always check the spare
pump. (I also keep my rates written down, as per my training for my first
pump several years ago). If I do this switch when I'm putting a new
cartridge in my pump, the entire process takes less than two minutes.

I also use my "spare" pump for experiments with basal changes. I set the
changes in the spare pump, try it for several days. If I don't like the
results of the new basal settings, I switch back to my other pump which
still has the "normal" set of basal rates programmed. This whole switch
over (new cartridge, change batteries, set clock, check rates) takes less
than 5 minutes, can be done "on the fly" if necessary.

Now, if only my pumps would remember why I dashed out to the grocery store,
where I left my sneakers, etc., things would be fine ... <vbg>

Bob Burnett

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