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[IP] MM Service vs. Diesetronic

Hi Bonnie-
Well I'm sorry to report that I went round and round with Diesetronic 
service reps earlier this year and wrote them a long -er - 'interesting'
letter about exactly what I thought of their service (or lack of it). 
They shipped my order without the cartridges I'd ordered because they
ran out - they just didn't bother to tell me, as if I was suddenly no
longer going to need them.  They screwed up by over $1000 on my credit
card and made me prove that they'd done it.  On and on.  I recall saying
that if I was given the choice of pumps again I wouldn't choose them due
to poor service.  (The latest was they shipped everything to my old
address, where my supplies were waiting in the leasing agent's office,
unclaimed-  I'd move 4months prior and they'd mailed supplies to my new
address once already - hmmmm.)   So I think both companies sound like
they could do better in that area.  I was particularly disappointed that
Diesetronic didn't even send a response to my letter.  I thought it was
really poor form on their part.

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