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[IP] A really nice thing happened today . . .

so I wanted to write and share it with others who would understand and
appreciate what it meant to me.

I encountered and had a long talk with a lady who was a friend/co-worker
and who I haven't seen in quite a while.  In the course of our chat, she
mentioned repeatedly and with obvious pleasure that I was really looking
well and happy.  I know that much of the credit for the change in me goes
to my vastly improved BG control with the pump (after years of marginally
effectual MDI).  (Though I certainly don't discount the effects of having a
wonderful, supportive second husband after divorce-hell and years of life
with a real jerk!)  

The same thing happened when I went to a party at the home of one of the
members of our church, after I had been absent for several months because
of work pressures.  And my endo recently sent me a copy of a note she had
sent to my primary care doctor, saying (among other things) that she didn't
think I would be able to manage my current job-training program w/o the

It really gives me a perspective on how much the pump has improved my life
to know that other people find the change in me so noticable!  I prefer to
gain my insight this way, rather than by having a problem with my BGs (as I
recently did due to decreased activity and the need for a slight increase
in my basals), and then feeling the difference once it was corrected--but
this, too, was a testimony to the importance the pump has assumed for me. 
I told my friend Kathy how much I love it, and that I would literally fight
for it tooth-and-nail if someone tried to take it back!

I feel so very fortunate and grateful to be a pumper, and I hope others
have had this sort of experience.

- --Laurel

PS--I am totally converted to Sils, and Wayne's insertion technique is now
excellent (he even insists on soemtimes inserting in areas I CAN reach, so
he can keep his skills fresh).
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> From: email @ redacted
> From email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: Press Coverage [IP] Diabetes Advocacy and the ADA
> Date: Thursday, October 29, 1998 7:07 PM
> Diabetes is a BIG problem is WV. Most recently, I have seen several TV
> from the WV Diabetes Control Program which works closely with CDC. This
> evening there was a spot about insulin pumps.  I anticipate that with all
> recent referrals lately, we will have started about 25 people on pump by
> end of December.
> Barbara B. 
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