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Re: [IP] Service at MM/HMS

Bonnie RICHARDSON wrote:

> Thanks for your reply, Ruth.  You are correct about the insurance companies sitting on reimbursements and contacting the state commissioner about it.  I think MM sends in the insurance claim and waits as long as they can to actually deliver the order...maybe that is why the service is so poor...You think?

Well, I've had huge problems getting pump supplies.  The local diabetes store here went out of business b/c they were taking 9-12 months to pay partial payments.  However, the owner never denied me supplies.   The problem was that we had to have the company approve it first (not what they send me at home, what he gets in the store) for them to be liable to pay and that took anywhere from 5 days one time to 3 months a few times.  The last two summers I have had problems getting supplies direct from minimed who has sent me out emergency back ups in the meantime b/c from the day (4 months after asking for authorization) they called me and told me to go ahead and buy them (they would contact minimed) to the day they actually give minimed the paperwork
(after promising me everything was finished this time) was 2 months. Minimed was just waiting for that.

My husband went to an insurance meeting at work yesterday b/c the company is switching policies for January.  He said every single person in the room (and there were many there) seemed to have a "problem" seeing a doctor when necessary or getting equipment and supplies in a timely manner.  Most of these people were not diabetic.  In California at least this has became an HMO cliche -- there have been numerous articles published about it.  One in Harper's magazine about 8 months ago.  I understand the rest of the country is beginning to "catch up" but just how far it's gone I don't know.  Recently there was a week of HMO horror stories (one of those investigative issues series) on the National news (I think it was CBS but to be honest, I just
watched a few minutes each night before having to run and didn't really think to check the channel when I happened on it).  The dept of corporations in California is beginning to investigate HMO financial practices but they are still slow and the laws are written with many loopholes.

You might call and find out why they waited and contact your insurance company (in writing) to complain.  If it happens too often you can help from the insurance company "speeding things up" (which is still slow) and if they don't succeed you can send a letter to the dept of corporations (or equivalent) in your state..

> I am really upset about the POOR SERVICE, poor quality of it or lack of it.  The product is still greatl   I plan to get the name of the director of MM and let him know about my problems and what a disappointment.   Or, if insurance lets me, I will just place my order over a month in advance and see what happens then.  I will also watch the "date of service" on my claim form - is it my phone call to order, or the date they ship supplies - ??

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