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Re: [IP] six year old and the pump

>  If your body starts to reject stainless steel
> needles, it's easier to see and react to, compared with your body
> rejecting deposits of UltraLente insulin injected under the skin: then
> you've no idea what's going on.

If you pump long enough you will have this problem with pumped insulin too sometimes,
especially if you need to change sites often and if you can't take out a 4-5 day old
site without a small sore spot.   You will build up fatty deposits (even from
Humulin) where you are injecting which cuts down on the insulin's effectiveness.  It
takes a long time for this to happen and it comes and goes but it is a problem to
contend with 10-12 years down the line.  I'm not trying to be negative.  I just think
pumpers should have a realistic picture of what they are going to be living with so
they can cope with it instead of feeling cheated when it happens.

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