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Re: [IP] New Pumper - HELP!!!!!


Sounds like he is operating on info from the early pumps -- those mostly
disappeared about 15 years ago and were around for 5 or 6 years before that.
There was a spate of education for doctors with these second generation pumps.
The pumps themselves were mostly replaced when the little tiny minimeds and
disetronics came out (14-15 years back).   Sounds like he is uncomfortable.  As
others are saying, do the calculations in Pumping Insulin and try figuring the
rates yourself (or with help from Michael's web site -- You won't be able to use
that though until you get her down under 180).  I know that doctor's are sometimes
reluctatnt to have pre-adolescent diabetic girls gain weight (for good reasons but
with often very bad effects).  If she is running as high as 300-600, then it would
appear her doses are pretty far off.  I'm curious though, do you leave her at this
range?  Do you bolus to bring her down and then have them shoot back up?    You
can present you doctor with correct caluculations and a few days of improved bgs
to convince him ( you may have to avoid him until you've finished the testing

Best of luck!


email @ redacted wrote:

> Hello,
> OK, I am going to be quit frank here - I am frustrated.  My daughter started
> on the pump last week and we had a great week with BS readings in the 100 to
> 150 range.  Unfortunately then nights also included some lows.  Btw our endo
> is insistent upon having only one basal rate for the entire 24 hours at this
> particular time.   He was nervous over the low readings so once again he
> tweaked down the basal rates to a point that I feel is too low as now she is
> going high.
> He backed her basal rates off twice and now she is running high.  By high I
> mean anywhere from 350 up to 600 most of the time now.  Quite honestly I am
> frustrated.  I have done everything according to the book - fresh humalog, new
> infusion set, no crimps in tubing, etc.  And no matter what happens she is
> still  high.
> Can someone please make a suggestion to me quick.  My first instinct is to
> split the nightime and daytime  basals and then fine tune from there.  We were
> so thrilled last week by having wonderful readings and all of a sudden we are
> having horribly high readings and it is frustrating.
> I would like some advice so I will better understand how to approach him.  AND
> am i even on the right track here.????
> Thanks,   Sherri

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