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Re: [IP] pumping siblings!!

> Sam...If your sister is very sensitive, then a low basal rate is probably what
> she will need on the pump...I do not think that animal insulin is available
> for the pump, but I am sure that early pumpers used it in the pre-human based
> insulin days.
> Barbara B.

Pork Velosulin is sold by Novo in Germany, so people here are definitely
pumping it. I tried to get some Human Velosulin a few weeks ago, and the
pharmacist gave me pork by mistake (schwein insulin...)


I'm curious to know why your sister prefers pork insulin. I used human
insulin for about 10 years, and then went back to pork insulin. I found
I had much less trouble with nighttime hypos. In fact, bad nighttime
hypos stopped completely when I went back to pork long-acting insulin.

A significant minority of people in Britain have had a lot of trouble
with human insulin, particularly with sudden loss of hypo symptoms.
These problems dissappeared when they went back to pork insulin. I'm
amazed to hear that Lilly and Novo have withdrawn their animal insulins
completely from the US. Many people in Britain, having tried human
insulins, prefer pork. What happens in the US?

I know the drug companies claim that pork is an "old fashioned" insulin,
and I know many have trouble with animal insulins due to insulin
antibodies, but for many knowledgable people pork is their favoured
insulin. The British government, being the monopoly buyer of insulin
here, were so concerned about people's demands for pork insulin, that
they won assurances from Novo that they would continue to supply it.

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