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[IP] Write down those rates (was:Claims of ESD are unfounded)


I think that regardless of the brand of pumps we get, something to keep in
mind is to write down the basal rates and times.  I know it sounds silly
and maybe obvious, but people have lost all their profiles due to a pump
problem and then realized that they had no idea what the rates were.  I
lost mine once and didn't have them written down and I was too embarrassed
to call the endo (who I hadn't seen in ages anyway) and I GUESSED!  I was
probably close but it took awhile before I got things sort of right (I
didn't have "Pumping Insulin" for help).

Now I keep them in a card in my Rolodex, since I can never find anything
diabetes-related when I really need it and so someone else would probably
come across it in an emergency.


trifona wrote:
>I guess the disetronic saleswoman was simply puffing and trying to scare
>me away from considering the minimed.  Very unethical if you ask me.
>>From those that responded it is obvious that in *some* extreme
>situations it is possible to shock the pump, however no where near the
>frequency that she described the promlem as being often and common.

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