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Re: [IP] New Pumper - HELP!!!!!

>> OK, I am going to be quit frank here - I am frustrated.  My 
daughter started
> on the pump last week and we had a great week with BS readings in the 100 to
> 150 range.  Unfortunately then nights also included some lows.  Btw our endo
> is insistent upon having only one basal rate for the entire 24 hours at this
> particular time.   

This is a problem. To properly set basal rates, you must first know 
the insulin requirements. One rate is obviously not going to work for 

 >He was nervous over the low readings so  once again he
> tweaked down the basal rates to a point that I feel is too low as now she is
> going high.  
> He backed her basal rates off twice and now she is running high.  By high I
> mean anywhere from 350 up to 600 most of the time now.  Quite honestly I am
> frustrated.  I have done everything according to the book - fresh humalog, new

No, it has not been done by the book. Your endo is lazy. I'm not 
being critical, just pointing out a fact. You must take control of 
the situation. Read the information in Pumping Insulin on how to 
profile basal rates. Read the material on the HOWTO page of the 
website, same subject. Do the profiling and set the basal rates 
accordingly. You have some information now. It sounds like the first 
basal selected was OK for days but not nights. You might split the 
difference and use the first for days and the last one for nights. 
But... you MUST measure her basal requirements. You or your endo can 
not guess, all that will happen is that things will get messed up.

> infusion set, no crimps in tubing, etc.  And no matter what happens she is
> still  high.  
If you would like me to help you with this, send me the data points 
as taken per the instructions in the howto and I will help you 
through setting proper basal rates.

> I would like some advice so I will better understand how to approach him.  AND
> am i even on the right track here.????
Yes you are on the right track. If he is prickly about this, it might 
be difficult. First educate yourself about how to get the basal 
profile (your going to have to do all the work anyway) then tell him 
what you've done and how well it worked. He is probably worried that 
you can't do it properly or don't / won't understand how. Perhaps he 
is unsure himself.

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