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Re: [IP] Local ADA

At 06:12 AM 10/30/1998  Bonnie  RICHARDSON wrote:
>Thanks for your reply.  I thought I "was the only one"...What a

>shame  for ADA.  HOWEVER, starting a local group sounds like 
>something for me to do.   I have one more year to serve on 2 
>other boards which  have been very special and involve lots of 
>energy (Mental Health Association and local homeowners 
>association).  As soon as that year is up, I will start a local

>chapter.  Will you be my adviser?  How do you find members?
>the ADA give you a list of members?  Do you put an ad in the 
>paper?? There is no support group here.  I am the only pumper 
>THAT I KNOW of in the area? If I called the couple of local 
>doctors and asked them to pass my name on to their diabetic 
>patients would that work?   What did you do? 

I wish I had the answers. I have not actually started any such
type of group... it was just an idea I had (talk is cheap). I
doubt that the ADA will be of very much help, since you would be
potentially siphoning off resources from them (although it
wouldn't hurt to ask). You might try starting with any diabetes
support groups, hospitals, clinics and then hit the newspapers
and TV stations. A series of press-releases and if you can
wrangle it a press-conference may get the ball rolling. 

Right now I'm in the middle of helping to start a Pumpers
Support group in the Portland, OR area. Things are moving along
pretty well and we hope to start right after the first of the
year. Maybe we can use this as an advocacy group as well as a
support group. 


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