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Re: [IP] Service at MM/HMS

Thanks for your reply, Ruth.  You are correct about the insurance =
companies sitting on reimbursements and contacting the state commissioner =
about it.  I think MM sends in the insurance claim and waits as long as =
they can to actually deliver the order...maybe that is why the service is =
so poor...You think?   I am really upset about the POOR SERVICE, poor =
quality of it or lack of it.  The product is still greatl   I plan to get =
the name of the director of MM and let him know about my problems and what =
a disappointment.   Or, if insurance lets me, I will just place my order =
over a month in advance and see what happens then.  I will also watch the =
"date of service" on my claim form - is it my phone call to order, or the =
date they ship supplies - ??

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