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Re: [IP] Local ADA

Thanks for your reply.  I thought I "was the only one"...What a shame  for =
ADA.  HOWEVER, starting a local group sounds like something for me to do.  =
 I have one more year to serve on 2 other boards which  have been very =
special and involve lots of energy (Mental Health Association and local =
homeowners association).  As soon as that year is up, I will start a local =
chapter.  Will you be my adviser?  How do you find members?  Will the ADA =
give you a list of members?  Do you put an ad in the paper?? There is no =
support group here.  I am the only pumper THAT I KNOW of in the area? If I =
called the couple of local doctors and asked them to pass my name on to =
their diabetic patients would that work?   What did you do?=20

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