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Re: [IP] New Pumper - HELP!!!!!

Call your endo everyday if you have to.  Bug him to death to let you adjust
the basals.  Make the suggestions with reasons to back up what you are
suggesting.  Or, just ignore the doc and do things on your own.  Do you have a
copy of Pumping Insulin?  It is the "bible" for pumpers.   It walks you
through testing the rates and everything else.  Start back with the basal that
was producing good results, but adjust the basal during the night when she was
going low.  The IP website also has excellent tools for adjusting and checking
basal rates.  You really are the best judge of what needs your daughter has.
Just follow the book, test often, write everything down and make adjustments
slowly.  This takes time. Have confidence in yourself if you can't work well
with the endo.
Also, RELAX!  Take a deep breath, and take things slow and easy.  It will get
Beth Smith

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