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Re: [IP] New Pumper - HELP!!!!!

email @ redacted wrote:
> OK, I am going to be quit frank here - I am frustrated.  My daughter started
> on the pump last week and we had a great week with BS readings in the 100 to
> 150 range.  Unfortunately then nights also included some lows.  Btw our endo
> is insistent upon having only one basal rate for the entire 24 hours at this
> particular time.   He was nervous over the low readings so once again he
> tweaked down the basal rates to a point that I feel is too low as now she is
> going high.

Your endo is a fool. The REASON the pump has multiple basal rates is to AVOID 
large daily fluctuations in bg. If it made sense to hold ONLY 1 basal rate thats
how pumps would be built. Also tell him that my older 506 had 6 daily basal rate
settings available, then newer 506s have something like 12. If this isn't for a 
resaon WHY would they expand the function????

> He backed her basal rates off twice and now she is running high.  By high I
> mean anywhere from 350 up to 600 most of the time now.  Quite honestly I am
> frustrated. 

Rightly so.

 I have done everything according to the book - fresh humalog, new
> infusion set, no crimps in tubing, etc.  And no matter what happens she is
> still  high.

You've done everything according to WHAT book? If it was written by her endo,
author needs to be fired. There is a very good book (which I haven't gotten
called "Pumping Insulin" if I remember correctly, with complete instructions for
determining basal rates throughout the day. Suggest you get a copy and forcefeed
to the endo.
> Can someone please make a suggestion to me quick.  My first instinct is to
> split the nightime and daytime  basals and then fine tune from there. 

You are absolutely right. You very likely will need to split it more than once,
as do mst people here. For instance, I have a very low rate from midnight to
4:00 AM (0.4 units/hr), which then goes to my highest rate of the day (1.4)
from 4:00 to 7:00 AM, and decreases in stages through the day. This keeps my 
Dawn Phenomenon in line, which she may or may not have. But testing and
basal rates as needed is the POWER on the pump. Suggest you do some adjusting 
on your own and let the doctor know after it works, not before so he'll only
poper use of her pump. I'm sure most people here will agree.

 We were
> so thrilled last week by having wonderful readings and all of a sudden we are
> having horribly high readings and it is frustrating.
> I would like some advice so I will better understand how to approach him.  AND
> am i even on the right track here.????

You ABSOLUTELY are on the right track. Are there any other endoes in your are
she could go to?

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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