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[IP] Fwd: Humalog during pregnancy

I'm forwarding this message to the list at the request of BarbB. This
question comes up from time to time.

Bob Burnett

>Reply From	email @ redacted (Carina Lagua)
>  Carina Lagua wrote:
>  > Does anyone have any experience with pregnant diabetics on  Humalog
>  > insulin?   Are your patients switched  to Regular insulin once they
>  > pregnant or planning to become pregnant due to the lack of available
>  > on the effect of Humalog in pregnancy, or are your physicians keeping
>  > on it due to its success in improved BG control?
>  >
>  > TIA
>  > Carina Lagua, MA, RD, CDE
> If Humalog works just fine during pregnancy, then there is no need to switch
>back to Regular after delivery.  I know this can be controversial because of
>the lack of FDA approval for Humalog in the pump, but I am aware of
>pregnancies with its use. The increased flexibility alone would be useful for
>a busy Mom who may not be able to bolus 30 minutes prior to meals. A big
>with Humalog during pregnancy would be making sure site rotations are at
>every two days, since some individuals have a tendency to lose adequate
>absorption form the site at day 2. I wish I could tell you what our
>are doing, but once they leave us for the pump start, if they are pregnant,
>the OB/GYN manages the insulin pump basal adjustments with consultation with
>the endo.  We are not always aware of those adjustments.
>   >>Anyone on the list care to respond, also?

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