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[IP] kinesiology

I have been discussing or been disgusting over my sore joints (shoulder) and
wrist (3 years on that baby) for a spell now.  I went to a acupuncturist,
who uses kinesiology.  I am not sure how to explain it, but it is sort of
like using chiropractic methods to acupuncture sites. ?
needless to say I was aprehensive, but had been in pain long enough that I
wanted some relief.
Using pressure points, he told me I had a weak kidney (I had one removed 26
years ago), he said my thyroid was fine(TSH test came from the Dr. saying it
was fine) my stomach, and small intestine were giving me problems(I had not
mentioned this just thought that was my meds problem) My tests were
probablly out of control ( the last two weeks I have been having errattic
tests that are not responding to regular treatment).
I cannot believe I actually paid someone to hurt me!  I was in such pain
when he worked on my shoulder, and wrist............If I wasn't screaming I
would have bit him.  But now that it is over, this really helped! Had I
known what this entailed, I would not have tried this, but now that it is
over, I do feel better.   My bg's are back on, I slept last night, my wrist
doesn't hurt like it has for 3 years, and my shoulder though still sore is
working like it should!  I feel better overall, and that is a plus.   I
don't know if this is for everyone.....but it helped me.
He showed me some stress relieving tricks to do (I wish I knew how to
explain them better) and  showed me how that they could really work with a
test scenario.  In all the experience was enlightening, painful, but it
I am now able to move my shoulder, and though it is sore, I will be able to
regain my range of motion within a short time.
Now if I could only get the insurance to recognize this as a treatment. Haha
Laurie B.

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