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Re: [IP] Re: Rodney

Yes!   All the best.  We're thinking of you.


Kasey Sikes wrote:

> > My friends, I need some help from the group a wish, a pray, a good thought. After 21yrs of DM this old body is giving up
> > on me. I have had so form of gastroparesis long before I got DM but it was me getting DM that made it bad. I have done
> > everything the Doctors can think of to do. From all the many drug, to IV, to tube, to cleaning out the gut of everything. The
> > pacemaker is the last thing they know of doing. I can no longer work, it is hard any more to do anything around my house. But
> > I will do everything I need to do to get better, everyday I get up do as many thing that I can . If it is just taking a shower and
> > getting dressed and that is all I can do that day that is great; I got one thing done I have lived one more day.
> Rodney,
> While the list volume has grown quite large, I find myself skimming over
> many of the posts.  But I always stop and read entirely everything you
> post.  Even with all of the complications that you have, you still
> manage to have a positive attitude and you try to make others feel
> better about this disease.  You are truly an inspiration.  My prayers
> are with you.  God bless and keep fighting!
> Kasey

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